Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sept. 15, 1979: The Role of Righteous Women

Given at the women’s fireside held September 15 in the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. Latter-day Saint women twelve and older met in 1,500 locations worldwide to listen ...  Since President Kimball was hospitalized at the time of the conference, his message was read by his wife, Camilla E. Kimball. 

Click here to watch the full address on lds.org.

"Among the real heroines in the world who will come into the Church are women who are more concerned with being righteous than with being selfish. These real heroines have true humility, which places a higher value on integrity than on visibility. Remember, it is as wrong to do things just to be seen of women as it is to do things to be seen of men. Great women and men are always more anxious to serve than to have dominion."

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